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Katrina Kaif ki Chudai

"AAHH " UJMM" U SLUT " AHH" a few seconds after both were cuddling in the bed insulting each other.

Katrina then held her hand and said "wait u fucking lady.Let us clarify it.I will call the director in to ask it."

Rani calmed down and took the phone.She called the director and asked him to come to their room.The director Ram came quickly and sat on the couch waiting for them.

Both the divas came in scintillating halter tops and stunned ram.Sure they had some pride in being called sluts.Ram swayed his head in the same way what rani's hip did.Katrina's white body was transparent enough to see her erect nipples.

Both the divas sat near him on either side.Both the divas locked his eyes with lust and passion.Sure he knew that he would get something today.Rani slided his hands over his thighs and started moving her fingers tickling him.

Katrina meanwhile was bringing her breath closer to his face.The mint flavour of her breath galvanized him.He turned to see katrina's black halter top which was a contrast to her skin.

"So,what did you call for girls?" he asked starring at their luscious body.

Rani's red halter top showed her slim curves and brown skin to his eyes which were already delighted.

"So,who do you think is the sexiest among us?" asked rani raising her eyebrow.Her smirk was so admiring and addicting.

"Just look once at me and answer" katrina said and turned his face towards her.She was looking steaming hot with her protruding breasts.Ram imagined her pink erect nipples and licked his lips.

Both rani and katrina observed his long cock growing longer and longer.

"Well,i mean ...." ram was perplexed and confused to say whose names.He did not want to get into the trap of these women.He thought for a second and wanted to use this opportunity to the fullest.

So he said looking at both of them and hugging them by their naval "so why don't you show your stuffs and talents to me?"

As soon as they heard his message,they stood up and showed some sexy poses by standing in front of him.They smirked at him seeing his growing cock.He rested his back on the couch and started to rub over his crotch.

Katrina licked her lips admiring herself and his cock.Rani looked at her own steaming body and was proud of it.Both of them became horny and they got lost in their own beauty and sexuality.

Suddenly Rani felt a touch in her hip.It was katrina hugging from behind.Rani was surprised at her touch.There was something unique about her touch.Katrina leaned her head on rani's shoulders and blew her breath on her neck.

Rani tilted her head feeling her breath all over her neck.Rani pulled her closer.Katrina hugged her tightly from behind.Katrina's sharp nose dragged along her shoulders.Her lips touched rani's skin.

Rani felt her own body liking her seducing manner.She bit her lips and winded her hands around her neck showing her armpit to ram.Rani turned towards katrina and looked at her eyes.Both of them were silent.

It seemed both wanted the company of each other.Their looks talked for a while.Their smirks tempted one and another.Katrina's white hands gripped rani's navel tightly and pulled her closer towards hers.

Rani hugged katrina and kissed her lips gently while kept strangling her slowly.

AHHHH,shouted ram as he felt his hairs on his cock getting strangled around his underwear.He quickly made himself naked.

But they were unmoved,katrina leaned against the wall as rani started to kiss her passionately.Their lips were stuck like glue.Katrina's hands caressed her body and removed her halter top.

Rani synchronized with katrina and quickly removed hers also.Both were making out in bra and panties.They exchanged some large smooches and kisses.Katrina's lips wanted more and pushed it's tongue into rani's.Both of them were going on wildly

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